Top 11 Instagrammable Spots in London

Let’s face it, we all want pretty vacation pictures! And by visiting the same old touristy locations, the chances of your dreamy Instagram-worthy pictures are bleak. Especially when you’re in a beautiful city like London which is filled with several tourist hotspots, often people miss out on the picturesque points. So here are some of my favorite photogenic spots of London which will surely inspire each one of you!

Sky Garden
Located on the 38th floor of the Walkie Talkie building (officially known as 20 Fenchurch Street), Sky Garden is the highest public garden of London which offers a 360° view of this fantastic city. Step out to the balcony and you can see everything, right from the River Thames to the Shard. Along with this, there are several wine and dine options, although quite pricey. Entry into the Sky Garden is completely free but bookings need to be made very much in advance.

Sky Garden

Bird’s eye view of London
The Shard and River Thames

Peggy Porschen
“On Wednesdays, we wear pink”, but Peggy Porschen is always in pink! Millennial pink! This café that is known for it’s attractive facade, serves the most photogenic coffees and fancy cakes in town. With a flower arrangement that changes every season, this café is hands down the most picturesque spot in London. And oh, at Peggy Porschen if your food isn’t pink, your cutlery will definitely be! Literally the definition of pretty in pink! (How many times did I say Pink?)

Peggy Porschen

Les Senteures
Yet another store front that oozes with stunning flower arrangements, Les Senteures is a perfume shop that is painted bright blue and embellished with colourful flowers. For anyone who loves floral facades, this should be your next go-to spot. Another plus point, it’s just a few steps away from Peggy Porschen! Wow, just imagine how pretty your photo gallery would be!

Les Senteures

Covent Garden
I happened to go to Covent Garden on a Sunday afternoon and wow! The vibe was so energetic and lively! There are street performers all over, some showcasing their magic tricks while some were playing music instruments. The most photographed spot of Covent Garden is the covered market which is filled with several fashion boutiques and high-end restaurants. Also situated here is the Apple Market which was once a world-famous fruit and vegetable market, but today sells a wide range of handmade goods and crafts.

The famous covered market
The Apple Market

A must-have : Fresh berries with Nutella

Neal’s Yard
A cobbled alley that opens to a little secret courtyard filled with vibrantly coloured buildings and golden bulb lights hanging over your head. My happy place would look something like that and Neal’s Yard is just the spot! Located in Covent Garden, this hidden gem is a blink-and-miss, so don’t forget to keep your eyes wide open for signboards. You’ll be amazed!

The bright coloured buildings in Neal’s Yard
My happy place

Notting Hill
Oh, Notting Hill! Words can’t explain how obsessed I am with this flamboyant neighborhood. Unexplored by many, this area is rapidly growing to fame, thanks to it’s rainbow-coloured houses, cute cafes, antiques market and umpteen hidden gems. Every corner of Notting Hill screams Instagram! A long walk with a camera in hand sounds like a pretty ideal plan for a sunny day in London.

To know more about Notting Hill : Exploring the London you don’t know about : Notting Hill

Biscuiteers, Notting Hill
Rainbow-coloured houses

Colourful Doors
Yep, doors. They are literally just doors. But London has some of the most eye-catching doors which are famous particularly because of their bright colours. Yellow, blue, pink, green, orange. These colourful doors easily makes for great photo backdrops.

Victoria Embankment Gardens
If flower photography is your forte, this is the place you have to be! Filled with carpets of multi-coloured tulips and green grass, Victoria Embankment Gardens is perfect for picnics or a quiet lunch. And everything looks a hundred times better once the sun’s out.

Orange and White Tulips
Candid picnic shot

Known as the world famous luxury departmental store in London, Harrods is a spectacular, colossal structure. But wait for sun down and it’s real beauty is revealed. 12,000 bulbs illuminate the building, giving it a sparkly golden appearance. Photoshoot time!

Harrods at night

Piccadilly Circus
London is equally charming at night as at daytime. With a number of sights to see once it gets dark, Piccadilly Circus undoubtedly tops the list. Bright cinematic lights and huge advertisement billboards, akin to New York’s iconic Times Square is what makes this spot intriguing and definitely worth visiting.

The advertisement billboards at Piccadilly Circus
Retro feels

Literally any Telephone Booth
Have you even been to London if you haven’t clicked a picture with a telephone booth and maybe even pretended to be on a call! Who doesn’t love them! They’re so vintage and fancy and has got London written all over it. There’s no way you’ll miss them out since they are all over London.

The iconic Telephone Booth

Mentally planning your London trip already?

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