About Me

Hey there! I’m Jennissa (take a note of that spelling, y’all) and I began this blog in June 2018, quite randomly actually. Never did I think of writing blogs, it wasn’t even a hobby, until that summer when I visited the most vibrant neighborhood of London, Notting Hill, and then, boom, I was just so inspired to write about travel. Like they say, you never know when inspiration strikes!

I’m based in Mumbai and am currently pursuing my Undergraduate studies in Tourism & Hospitality Management. Yeah, pretty much everything in my life revolves around travel, but hey, I’m not complaining. Besides travelling, I’m a big time foodie, I love craft and can do almost anything out of paper, rom-coms and thrillers are my favourite kind of films, and I spend some crazy number of hours on Pinterest and Instagram (doesn’t every millennial! so no biggie, right?)

My family is big on travelling while getting a hands on local experience. We have explored 22 countries till date, and our bucketlist is endless. So follow me on this journey of exploring the happening travel destinations as well as undiscovered locations and Instagrammable spots.